Low Smoke Zero Halogen Electric Cables
LSZH stands for Low Smoke Zero Halogen. Since 1970, the wire and cable industries have used low-smoke and low-halide materials in many areas. In connection with improved environmental awareness and safety issues, people realized that wires and cable jackets play a very important role in fires and this point led them to a wide optical cable with low smoke levels, zero halogens (LSZH).
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Safe and Fire-Resistant Electric Cables
In recent years, fire safety requirements have tightened, according to which the Green Cables® cable line have changed. This is since the cable line must remain operable under fire conditions for a certain time in order to evacuate people to a safe place. To provide hospitals and residential complexes with the necessary safety, Green Cables® have manufactured cables according to new standards. Over the past year, a relatively new product has been used more often - Fire resistant cables with the “ng-FRLS” or “ng-FRHF”.
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